1. san francisco 2014

    / Blue Bottle – the New Orleans iced coffee is everything that’s right in this world. The Hayes Valley location in smack dab in the middle of great shopping.  

    / The Mill – for that $4 toast that I keep hearing about. 

    / The Grove – these Berkeley Bowls hit all the spots. There is no shortage of delicious hippie food in this city to balance out the wine, cheese and bread that I inhale while on vacation. 

    / Soul Cycle – got my sister hooked (which is not hard to do), after an all Britney Spears class. Pressed Juicery is conveniently located next door.

    / Hawk Hill – views for days. 

    / Craftsman and Wolves – yes yes yes. This place was outrageously good. the chocolate croissant stack and market quiche were almost enough to make you forget Tartine is around the corner. Almost. I mean it’s still Tartine. 

    General Store – sooo many desert hippie vibes I could have stayed all day. The Pacific Ocean is a few feet away and this shop is stocked with the most perfectly curated treasures.

  2. General PSA that this coat exists and is perfect. Unrelated: v v bummed about Joan.

  3. 60 degrees in August


  4. jeanne demas

    Just spent way too much time looking through Jeanne Demas’ blog. A French cat lady on an Italian vacation… oh, just all of my favorite things.


  5. Pitaya


    "A shipment of frozen dragon fruit came today FYI" – Chase, via text

    And so began my relationship with dragon fruit smoothie packs. Purchased from here, these frozen rectangles of neon purple goodness are 100% raw and organic, with impressive health benefits.

    And lemmetellyou, I’m feeling it. 

    After a weekend of wine, pizza, lobster and crab cakes (my dad was visiting, lay off), I was craving fruit, and I was craving a lot of it. After eating that bowl of dragon fruit you see up there, I felt natural energy like I’ve never felt before. Not even on day 3 of a juice cleanse.

    I’m gettin’ high on dragon fruit, and you should too. 

    So far, I’ve experimented with a few dragon fruit (or pitaya) recipes, and here are my favorites…

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  6. summer dinners

    We moved this past weekend to the apartment below our old one, gaining a deck, grill and much larger kitchen. I’m currently covered in mosquito bites, but this Tuesday night dinner was pretty worth it. 

    The veggies came from my CSA and a trip to the farmer’s market on Sunday, the salmon came from the fish market across the street. It really doesn’t get better than that, as far as I’m concerned. 

  7. Falling deeeeep into the birks rabbit hole

  8. Sunday beach day ✌️


  9. charleston 2014



    When we go to Charleston, I do not hold back when meals come around. Sometimes I invent meals to squeeze in more restaurants – linner? Restaurant options are carefully debated, yelp-ed, and menus are analyzed. It can get ugly. Any one who has been to a few restaurants in Charleston understands this unprecedented balancing act of selecting a restaurant for brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks, etc. One lazy decision or snap judgment and you could miss out on the best meal of your life. 

    There’s a possibility I’m overhyping this. 

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  10. The consignment shop unicorn.


  11. / eating like a farmer


    I’ve been living off of local fresh produce when my CSA delivery and a trip to my soon-to-be-brother-in-law’s (is there a less awkward way to say that? no? OK.) farm collided. We were sent home from Charleston with a cooler filled with ripe tomatoes, collard greens, okra, garlic, potatoes, peppers and more. The next day, my CSA contributed corn on the cob, peaches, cauliflower, (more) potatoes, cucumbers and green tomatoes. As a result, I have been eating my way through the mound of produce that currently occupies my kitchen counter. 

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  12. Black for spring


  13. / food prep 2 


    In June I’m starting a 30 day challenge. Not full blown paleo – I’m not big on the meat (and am not 100% convinced one should consume bacon and beef instead of yogurt and edamame). Instead, I’m planning 30 days of no dairy, no grains, no sugar, no alcohol, no starchy vegetables. Lots of plants, basically.

    I decided to test it out this week, and prepped the following in anticipation.

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  14. Currently cannot stop purchasing high-waisted mom jeans. My hands automatically reach for my MiH Halsy jeans the second I get off of work on Friday, and they stay on my body until Sunday evening. Not that you can’t wear them to work (I have), but they’re the most perfect weekend jeans I just can’t stand it. 

    My gateway pair of mom jeans triggered an eBay search – where I picked up the brand’s discontinued Jane jeans because they were over 50% off and I have a problem.

    Now, I’ve had these in my cart and am about to pull the trigger, but do I need another pair of mom jeans?

    I think I do. 

    That’s all I got. 


  15. / food prep



    When there’s nothing to do on a Sunday, I like to take it as an opportunity to marathon-prep my food for the week. Plus, I’m trying to get back on track after all the traveling / day drinking / laziness, so I blew my way through what was left in my CSA (plus some items in my pantry). 

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