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    My junior year of college, I had a food revelation triggered by a 25 pound weight gain due to a combination of factors not uncommon to a 20-year-old college girl working at a restaurant and living on a small budget. I wasn’t happy with how I felt, how I looked, and decided to changed the way I ate. 

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  2. I made this Mexican quinoa twice in the last two weeks. I then proceeded to eat it for four dinners and two lunches in that same time.

    Quinoa, black beans, sauteed tuscan kale, lime juice, avocado, cilantro, s&p, sriracha. Corn tortilla chips (with extra lime juice) on top. Go.

  3. Breakfast (Taken with Instagram)

  4. Taken with Instagram at Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant & Bar

  5. Three full breakfasts for two people. It’s the Hippolitus way. (Taken with Instagram at Plow)

  6. Ingredients for Saturday lunchums (Taken with Instagram)

  7. Antioxidants are purdy (Taken with Instagram)

  8. (Taken with Instagram)

  9. lossa red / homemade panzanella 

  10. I always botch the egg. (Taken with Instagram)

  11. Maryland crab Saturday

  12. would you just look at it.

    (Source: floatingstyle)

  13. Fisherman stew + a beer to say buhbye to the week

  14. Birthday brunch kicks every other brunch’s ass (Taken with Instagram at Four Seasons Georgetown)

  15. @sweetgreen tastes best when in direct sunlight. These are facts people. (Taken with instagram)