1. let’s add this to the ever-growing list of things i want for my new apartment. 


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  2. I have this current obsession with dots, among other things.

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  3. Map of San Francisco by Jennifer Maravillas, kind of love. Via here.

  4. very apprehensive to post this, because this decreases my chances of owning. but i had to. i need this.

    i need this.

  5. I need everything Emerson makes.


    White, creme and black can do no wrong! 

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  6. I came so close to relapsing on my spending freeze. so.close. If it was earlier in summer who knows what could’ve happened…


    i stumbled upon this absolute corker of a thing just today whilst discovering an awesome blog - triple max tons. have a squizz, you’ll love it.

    anyhoo back to the sandals - erotokritos will hand make (WITH ACTUAL HUMAN HANDS - TWO EVEN) a pair of custom leather sandals…

  7. So this happened at Madewell, I don’t know if you’re aware…

    Wood, leopard AND cut-outs. Uggggh.

  8. these will be a summer must - love the enamel/metal construction. the hardest part will be picking a shape and color… hmph.

  9. I’ve decided I need the entire Deborah Lippmann Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Problem is, they are $16 a pop. 

    I know what you’re thinking and, no, I will not be reasonable and choose just one. Instead, I will try to figure out how I can be morally OK with spending $48 on nail polish.


  10. I’m in the throws of a moral dilemma

    I received my tax return today. Do I “squirrel it away,” per my father’s advice, or do I…..

  11. I have a birthday coming up, and this is officially on my wish list. 

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  12. Want: this Zara plaid cape.