1. Welcome to my dream hair/jewelry scenario.

    {Laura Lombardi Fall / Winter 2011 collection}

  2. Unbeknownst to me, I have a subconscious attraction to all things waterfowl. And feathers on my shirt to boot. Thank you, samle, for bringing this to my attention. (Taken with instagram)

    locket: UO

    shirt: Target

  3. I need this… right?

    Fabric and Metal necklace by The Vamoose

    mint…orange…lilac… good thing they’re all sold out so I’ll have some time to decide.


  4. GOLDhearted

    Happy to have GOLDhearted join the party.

    Especially when it arrives in such adorable packaging. Thanks for the arm candy.

    p.s. thanks to wit + delight for camera app tips 

  5. these will be a summer must - love the enamel/metal construction. the hardest part will be picking a shape and color… hmph.

  6. Recovered my trusty spoon cuff with a little toothpaste + scrubbing. Sunday win. (Taken with instagram)

  7. My stacked wrist today:

    1. My daily staple piece, a light gold Rotary men’s watch, found on Ideeli one day (I had to resize it quite a bit; I find that’s the best way to get the menswear watch look - just buy a men’s watch & resize… Did I just blow your mind?)
    2. Pink string! That’s it. Saw this piece of neon string and thought, ‘let me throw this in the mix,’ and here we are.
    3. Miansai Hooked Leather Wrap bracelet (nothing exciting here, you can buy it online)
    4. DIY Hex Nut bracelet - I could lie to you and tell you I DIM, but I totally bought it on etsy…
  8. Next friend that goes on a trip: Please send me this instead of a postcard. Thanks.

  9. Two things I am really feeling at the moment: blue nails + this necklace

  10. GPOY(rings)W

    JewelMint Cairo rings… because I’m obsessed w/ Kate Bosworth’s jewelry line, and you should be too.

  11. New necklace arrived from Kate Bosworth’s jewelry site, Jewel Mint. Totes affordable & kind of amazing, no? (Taken with instagram)

  12. These rings are beyond. Could double as a deadly weapon.

    Who makes them?

    (via chaneljunk)


  13. Simple and Stylish

    Currently craving the following outfit/jewelry combo. Sometimes the simplest pieces yield the chicest outfits.

    The coat, shoes and hair (via The Sartorialist


    victoria asymmetrical necklace by fallon


    Alex Wang’s Tai Train Case Mini Bag

    Saks’ Pony Hair & Leather Gloves